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The Great Fight: Nunes Vs Cyborg

It seems like we might just end this year with a bang. You will learn that Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes will be battling for the women’s featherweight championship on the 29th of December. In the event that there are no setbacks, it will need to stay so. You will learn that Cris Cyborg has hardly had any boring match ever since she came into the UFC. There are a good number of stylistic variances that will be featured in this match. It is for this reason that it becomes even more intriguing. We look at some of the factors to take into consideration as we wait for this match.

You will learn that things have actually become relatively heated and even more personal. It was earlier indicated by Amanda that the only time that she will be able to fight will be on the 29th of December. Cyborg did not however have any problem with fighting this month. You will learn that Cyborg was of the opinion that Amanda was trying to duck her. Her words against Amanda intensified recently. This was brought out by Nune’s teammate Colby Covington. Covington is known to have bashed Brazil and even referred to its natives as filthy animals. You will learn that both Cyborg and Nunes are from Brazil. By virtue of Nunes being in an American camp, Cyborg tends to associate her with being a traitor. She even said that Nunes disrespects her country.

Amanda Nunes seeks to consider this fight as one that will bring out her legacy. In as much as she is known to fight in the Bantamweight, it is assumed that she can do even better in featherweight. It is for this reason that she will get into this fight knowing that it will craft her career path. In case she manages to win this, she will stand out as the first woman to win titles in two distinct divisions. It will also bring about a path to more fights. It is however necessary to indicate that Cyborg will walk into this match properly prepared to face her opponent.

There will be different styles in this fight that will be intriguing. You will learn that Cyborg assumes that Nunes is hardly a threat to her. She indicates that Nunes can apply pressure but she will hardly withstand it herself. Nunes however indicated that she no longer is a 1-dimensional fighter. This is brought about by the fact that she has taken in many techniques in her recent fights. The aggressiveness that they both feature builds this fight as an outstanding one. They present challenges to each other in relatively distinctive ways.

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