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Bread Givers is a novel by Anzia Yezierska that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in Bread Givers and in-depth analyses of. Anzia Yezierska’s best-known novel, Bread Givers, received a glowing review in the New York Times on September 13, Beautifully redesigned page for page with the previous editions, Bread Givers is an essential historical work with enduring relevance.

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Bread Givers

But to marry myself to a man that’s a person, I must first make myself for a person. The Yezierska family their surname was Americanized to Mayer by immigration officials arrived here in the early s.

What I liked best is the English of the people in the book is how I remember my grandmother speaking. Hugo sympathizes with Sara and breas begin to date. It was heartbreaking seeing the daughters marry and struggle and become controlled by their abusive husbands.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers” | Jewish Women’s Archive

She flees from the entrapment of her family home against the curses of her father, yelling that she is an American. I wanted to throttle her sisters and I found Yezierska’s yezierskq of “dumb” accurate to describe the broken, spiritless, acquiescence of her sisters and mother. It is what they should be valued for in the American culture as seen so accurately by those entering the culture from abroad.

Then a cultural war emerge between the conservative, eastern-way of thinking father with a daughter that dreams of going to college at a time where colleges were thought to be givres for men and women shouldn A story of culture and poverty struggle of an extremly poor, highly religious immigrant family merging into the new culture of the new world: This was written in so a reminder that feminism as analysis of the suppression of women as distinct from the struggle for the vote didn’t just start in the s and s.

Having to live in a poor family and a father that doesn’t work due to his “learning”, she decides to live her life and rebel against her father. It reads as fresh and possibly as scandalously as it did in There were some sad moments, but I found it to be a happy story until the very last chapter. However, she was sick of her father’s nonstop preaching, so she packed her bags and left.


A true story of contention and strife! Sara describes the community in Hester St. So this novel will make you tear your hair and your toes curl. I, alone with myself, was anzis myself for the first time as with grandest company. Do I sound exaggerated? Bread Givers, by Anzia Yezierska is a compelling book, not only in its vivid descriptions of life in New York City during the ss, but also in its look into an Orthodox Yeziwrska family, and its standards.

Yezierska returned to the east in but could only find part-time teaching jobs.

He uses the arranged marriages for his own financial gain even though his daughters are unhappy. Reb Smolinsky is portrayed as belonging to many different societies and charities. The hallmark of this book is its quotable and witty dialogues. On the other hand, I did not tivers the way Yezierska wrote the sequence of the events: May 24, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: I often find myself thinking about gifers, in fact, even though it’s been a good many months since I finished it.

Sara, the youngest daughter, breaks free of her father to pursue her dreams for education. If only there had been more of this and less of the father, hahaha!

Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska | Jewish Book Month Events

Knowing this background, it is difficult to separate fiction from autobiographical detail in the Bread Givers.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Perhaps it is my American self that cries out for Sara to come among us and take her place as one of the brave and free.

Thanks to those misleading bodies of teachings! Yezierska portrays so well the toxic effect that an overbearing and religiously fundamentalist father has on his wife and daughters, blunting and destroying their chances for personal and professional success and happiness.


Bread Givers demonstrates the cultural differences within a Jewish-American household, traditional vs idealism. The youngest daughter, Sara, learns at the age of ten, about the family dynamics, and how each daughter fivers expected to turn over their entire income to support vread family.

No matter what happens, he is the one who decides against anything concerning familial problems. I could really identify with Sara’s struggle to get an education and become a teacher, because that’s what I want to do myself although of course I haven’t had to work Semi-autobiographical work by a Jewish-American female author, Anzia Yezierska.

A dried-up old maid? In this sense, Sara’s comment about her family’s living quarters is strictly true: So with these patterns of learned ideas, we learn that we, I mean youshould pay homage to us men. If you happen to be a girl, he will turn your face black and blue with his iron palm. Our protagonist fights back. After being super pissed off through the first pages of the father figure’s tyranny, I began to have more patience eyzierska Bread Givers.

My favorite part is when Sara decides to go to college and to be an independent woman.

She wants to be “a person” in her own eyes and the eyes of the world, and perceives her home of origin—a cramped tenement on Hester Street—to be below the “bottom starting point” on the road to this goal. After her mother’s death, her father remarries, but learns that his new wife, the widow Mrs.

I really loved it. In this case, the daughters were e It is interesting to note that this semi-autobiographical novel was written in