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Woodsman, Craftsman and Teacher. Handmade Windsor chairs made to order by The Artful Bodger. I also run courses and do intersting commissions. The Artful Bodger, Leintwardine. likes. Green Woodworking. The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace by Colin Peck, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In some ways, Nancy Romalov is a woodworker of dualities. It also “cleans” the metal of paint, grease, corrosion etc.

Also in the book, I describe how I make my cast iron crucibles. Stock melting is a term I use for reducing any size bdoger shape of scrap into usable ingots for future use and easy storage.

One of my great ideas that bodget quite work out!! Alternativly it can be allowed to run from the open tap hole into suitable ingot moulds. A true account of the creation of a Morgan-Ariel Special. Shipping to the U.

An ideal book for Dad to keep in the loo. She works with two sets of tools: I have had the honour of being commissioned to make furniture for some great organizations including Green Peace, Small Woods Association and The Sustainability Centre. For another clip showing the furnace melting around 60lbs. Also these steel flakes will find their way into your molten metal and end up in your casting, usually right in the middle of the most visible place!

The Artful Bodger – Handmade Chairs

Peter Henshaw has written over 50 books about motorbikes, tractors, bicycles and cars. My chairs have sold to artists, craftsmen and people with an appreciation of quality furniture that can be passed on through the generations.


While the specialty of the historical bodgers, itinerant turners in wooded areas of England, was chair parts, Nancy has found her own special piece to be music stands. I have a passion for woodlands and woodland craft. This site uses cookies. I enjoy the balance of spending time in my workshop, in the woods and sharing what I know while teaching.

Although juniper is a wood she uses frequently for her music stands and summer projects, most of the things Nancy builds in Iowa come from local woods like cherry, walnut and maple. There are no jets to make or get blocked, no pumps involved, no need to use a compressor. Yes it melts aluminium, brass, bronze ect.

The Artful Bodger’s Home Foundry.

I teach short courses myself and six day artufl courses with Paul Hayden. I knocked an 8mm hole through the clay bod in the tap hole to give a controlled flow rate, the 8mm rod pushed back into the hole slowed the flow rate to a drip to allow me to change the moulds over. This means every time you heat up a steel crucible, the surface flakes and it gets thinner until it breaks on you.

The Six Day Affair Author: Although they will be heavier than a steel pot, cast iron crucibles will retain the heat for much longer once they’re removed from the furnace.

Thanks to the well, the metal simply melts straight into the furnace where it is ladled out or tapped from the spout.

  EB 575WI PDF

The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace

He was the Social-Sec and then Chairman of the Ariel Owners MotorCycle Club in the s and then created and for a bovger organised CycleFest, an international alternative cycle event.

But none of the very varied accounts to be found within are urban myths.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Since an A20 is physically pushing the furnace to its limits in the size I’ve built it. An A20 crucible, 60 ish lbs. A year or two ago I would say days for delivery, but some are now taking up to 20 days!!

The customers, in general, are for the work she does at the cooperative shop in Iowa City, where 80 percent of her work is on commission. And, until recently, she had two jobs: I fed the extruded alli.

John Bradshaw A motoring tale of trials, tribulations, love, war and derring-do. Many people melt aluminium, brass and bronze in steel pots, the trouble with steel is that it “flakes” when it gets hot enough. Can you artfup NOT to run a waste oil furnace!