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From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies the puzzling. Louann Brizendine, author of “The Female Brain,” examines the gulf between the sexes, this time from the male side. The cover of “The Male Brain” by psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, known for her bestseller “The Female Brain.” REUTERS/Broadway Books.

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After reading both of these books, the notion that gender is a purely social construct will collapse under the weight of reasoned argument and biological fact. Faced with a personal problem, a man will use his analytical brain structures, not his emotional ones, to find a solution. Toddler boys are wired to run around. Fabulous fashion of ‘Mrs. Jul 18, Lacey Louwagie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Refresh and try again.

As a medical student I had been shocked to discover that major scientific research frequently excluded women because it was believed that their menstrual cycles would ruin the data. What’s more, when faced with a loved one’s emotional distress, his brain area for problem solving and fixing the situation will immediately spark. It is in that sense perfectly normal to be atypical.

Brizandine does do a good job of citing her sources; as far as I can tell, all the trends she cites are indeed statistically valid trends. Feb 17, Patrick rated it did not like it. This book is extremely well-written.

The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine

The Male Brain finally overturns the stereotypes. If you’re a woman, this book will help you to interpret hte comprehend the intricacies of the male brain.

Some of the authors that supported the content of the book include:. We also know that men have two and a half times the brain space devoted to sexual drive in their hypothalamus.


“Male Brain” book sheds light on how men think

Even using the larger male standard deviation, that’s a 4-sigma difference. After all, we are the same species”. Honestly, if it were that simple, you could get anyone you want to sleep with you by spraying the right pheromones. We are entering an era, finally, when brizenddine men and women can begin to understand their distinct biology and how it affects their lives.

The other half should read the book, just as I needed to read ” The Female Brain ” I can only hope I read carefully enough! They grow up with the pressure to suppress their fear and pain, to hide their softer emotions, to stand confidently in the face of challenge. Bangladesh prime minister denies accusations of rigged vote.

The Female Brain (book) – Wikipedia

I think that this book, along with The Female Brain should be read by every parent, child, husband, wife, employer, employee, and dating age brizendne — they louan love and understanding into our most important, and sometimes most frustrating relationships.

There louannn great amounts of explanation, but no follow-through. Ultimately that work led me to write The Female Brainwhich addressed the brain structures and hormonal biology that create a uniquely female reality at every stage of life. Aug 19, Mark rated it liked it. This book describes what men are typically like at different stages of life and details how specific hormones affect men’s brains to make them that way. They have to be selfish. Hardcoverpages. There’s I highly recommend this book.

Mar 23, Minutes. It gives very well thought-out discussions about the differences between male and female brains. No trivia or quizzes yet. Click here to return to the “Good Morning America” Web site. Gaining a deeper understanding of biological gender differences can brizendihe help to dispel the simplified and negative stereotypes of masculinity that both women and men have come to accept.


A breezy and enlightening guide to women and a must-read for men. Louann Brizendine walks her vrain through the science behind the male brain in hopes that she helps her audience understand the male brain “as the fine-tuned and complex instrument that it actually is,” as she writes in her book.

I still feel this is a great book and very eye opening – just be nice to have a follow-up!! And suppose such men exist; they must be pretty rare, right?

I can believe that men are hardwired to look at bazooms. And mating is as important to men as it is to women.

Yet this means that there are deep differences, at the level of every cell, between the male and female brain. But for now, it feels deeply unsettling to be told that because I don’t like sports, have intense emotions, and am sensitive to loud noises, brizednine means that my brain is not truly a “male brain”. I now know from my 25 years of research and clinical work that both men and women have a deep misunderstanding of the biological and social instincts that drive the other sex.

Women don’t always realize that the penis has a mind of its own—for neurological reasons. There are a few parts where the author describes scenes along with what’s happening in the brain Sep 14, Sally rated it yhe it. They are hardwired to need it j This audio book enlightened me and made me wish I’d read it louannn I got married or even once I started dating. A lot of what I said for The Female Brain holds true for this one, too.

Apr 05, Rachel rated it really liked it. Add to Cart Add to Cart.