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Manuals for buderus juno c to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Manuals for Buderus Juno 11 download to download for viewing them online or printout as PDF. Buderus Manuals for Support Juno /SF Buderus | GB | Operating instructions | Buderus GB Operating instructions . .. 46 Shut down the heating system using the control unit.

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The Company takes every reasonable care to ensure that these products are designed and constructed to meet these general safety requirements, when properly used and installed.

To fulfil this requirement products are comprehensively tested and examined before dispatch. This appliance may contain some of the materials below.

May be harmful if inhaled. May be irritating to the skin, eyes, nose or throat. When handling avoid inhalation and contact with the skin or eyes. Use disposable gloves, face masks and eye protection. After handling wash hands and other exposed parts. When disposing, reduce dust with water spray, ensure parts are securely wrapped.

Typengeprüfte Gebläsebrenner, Heizkessel und Wassererwärmer |

The effect of mineral oils on the skin vary according to the duration of exposure. The lighter fractions also remove the protective grease normally present on the surface of the skin rendering the skin dry, liable to crack and more prone to damage caused by cuts and abrasions.

Skin rashes oil Acne. Seek immediate medical attention for any rash, wart or sore developing on any part of the body, particularly the scrotum. Avoid as far as possible any skin contact with mineral oil or with clothing contaminated with mineral oil. Never breath any mineral oil vapours.

Do not fire the Burner in the open i. Barrier cream containing lanolin such as Rosalex Antisolv, is highly recommended together with a strict routine of personal cleansing.

Under no circumstances should mineral oils be taken internally.

To obtain the best possible performance and trouble free juon from your Boiler, it is important that you read section 1 of this manual carefully. All Camray appliances are the result of many years of research, development and experience. Whilst our Boilers are designed with simplicity of operation in mind, there are certain features and bkderus which only become obvious when you thoroughly understand how best to use your new Camray product. We trust that you will enjoy many years of reliable service from your new Camray Boiler and, once again, thank you for choosing Camray.

Information can be found on appliance data label located inside the left hand side panel of the casing. Also on the front cover of your installation manual. Your Camray Boiler has built-in safety features, which are detailedin the file: It is essential in the interest of the Boiler efficiency and reliable performance that once the Boiler has been installed it is first commissioned by preferably an O.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the Burerus is commissioned. If an engineer is not known, Boulter Buderus will be pleased to provide details of a commissioning and servicing engineer from their register. It is essential that the instructions in this manual are strictly followed for safe and economic operation of the Boiler. Failure to observe these instructions may invalidate your right to free breakdown cover during the guarantee period. We recommend that you keep these instructions in a ubderus near your appliance for easy reference.


Clearances provided at the sides and rear of the appliance for air entry must be kept free of obstruction. For further explanation please refer to section 4 of this manual.

Commissioning involves testing the Boiler to ensure that it is working correctly, and also setting the Burner correctly to ensure the most efficient operation and use of fuel. If the Boiler has not been commissioned, it may not be operating at the maximum efficiency possible for your heating system, and may also invalidate the guarantee. On no account should any part of the Boiler or ts i Flue be modified with the exception of flues which require adjusting to length to suit site conditions, as detailed in this manual.

The wiring of the control panel should be as the wiring diagrams included in this Manual. Wiring should not be tampered with, modified or changed for any reason. Only use Boulter replacement parts. Non-compliance with the above will invalidate the Guarantee. If this temperature is likely to cause nuisance or discomfort your installer should be able to advise on a suitable temperature blending valve.

Boiler Control Thermostat 2.

Hot Water Tank Thermostat 3. Lockout indicator light-Red 5. Mains indicator light-Green 6. Limit indicator light-Red 7.

Operating instructions Logamatic 4211

Heating On indicator light -Green 8. System pressure indicator dial file: Domestic water flow indicator light-Green The burner jhno lit by an automatic ignition system and therefore 111. is no pilot flame. The juon should not be operated below 60 C, as this will cause corrosion which will reduce the life of the boiler.

Guidance on its use is given in Section 1: Wait for the boiler to cool, and reset the thermostat by depressing the limit thermostat reset button located on the control panel – see Fig 1a If this problem recurs, turn the boiler off and consult your installer.

Wait 45 seconds before attempting to restart the burner. To restart the burner, remove the front boiler panel buderjs depress the lockout reset button on the front of the burner control box see Fig 1b.

If the problem occurs again, turn the boiler off and consult your installer. From cold, this will take approximately 18 minutes. To obtain the maximum temperature and quantity of hot water ie for a bath set this to maximum. When the tap is turned OFF the boiler will continue to operate until the hot water tank reaches the buderuss set on the Hot Water Tank Thermostat.

The period of operation to replenish the energy used depends on the quantity of hot water drawn. During the period of draw off the circulating water pump will operate but not the boiler. Providing the tank has not discharged just prior to the Programmer switching off there is normally adequate hot water for occasional use of wash basins.


Central Heating is restored when the hot water 11.1 has fully recharged and when the hot water tap is turned off. It is important that the correct operating system pressure is maintained. This is to allow any sediment to settle and not be drawn into the Boiler. If not this could result in an inconvenient break down. We advise that you keep your Boiler off for one hour after the oil is delivered to your tank. Please ask your supplier, or the driver to notify you bduerus the oil is discharged. To buderjs stubborn marks and stains, wipe with a damp cloth and finish off with a dry cloth.

DO NOT use abrasive cleaning materials. The Boiler must be serviced at regular intervals by a qualified service engineer. If your boiler has a conventional flue, make sure that air intake entries on the casing panels are never obstructed.

This could lead to premature failure. Check that there is oil in the tank and that the budeurs valve is open.

Check whether the limit light on the control fascia is glowing, if so it indicates an overheat situation. Press the reset button once the temperature has dropped sufficiently. This indicates that the Burner has attempted to start but has not fired successfully.

Press the reset button on the Burner Control box, when released, the lights will go out and the Burner will again attempt to start. Repeat the procedure by pressing the button. Failure to start on the second attempt indicates a fault requiring attention.

Switch off the mains supply and call your service engineer. Designed for producing Hot Water and Central Heating. Suitable for sealed Central Heating systems which are within the maximum permitted working pressure. All Boilers are supplied with a manual reset limit thermostat. Suitable for new installations and for replacing existing sealed system Boilers. CAMRAY Boilers offer greater freedom to select the most suitable position for siting and the opportunity to install the boiler in a suitable outbuilding if required.

All models are supplied for connection to a conventional chimney or any of the available Camray 5 Combi Balanced Flue options. Right hand low level flue not available. They offer unique versatility and can be used in the following modes: Low level rear outlet balanced flue. High level rear outlet balanced flue.

Buderus GB Operating instructions |

Vertical outlet balanced flue. Insulated balanced draught chimney. Low level left hand side outlet balanced flue only. High level side outlet balanced flue RH or LH. For connection to a conventional chimney. Other options may be available. Balanced flues are supplied budeus a carton which includes ALL parts for balanced flue installation. With conventional flue leave gap of 15mm at rear of boiler for air entry.