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The Small ball poker strategy is often credited to poker pro Daniel Negreanu and can be affectively used in the early stages of No Limit Texas Holdem. Premium hands are simply few and far between when large pots are at stake. Tournaments are won by aggressively going after smaller pots. The first thing you’ll notice when you watch a player who uses the small ball approach is that he appears to be in total control of the table, yet at.

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texas hold em – Is Small Ball Poker In Cash Games A Good Strategy? – Poker Stack Exchange

In most places I’ve played, the rake is capped. Asking how many players in a tourney are likely to be using “small ball” conflicts with some fundamental realities: If other players at the table are loose and are going to call your bets regardless of what table image you project, then you are better off playing a tight-aggressive style rather than small ball nefreanu. Brandon DuRette 2 7.

September 26th,7: Big pots are always going to be more important than small pots. When you bust, that’s it, game over. How many players could dnaiel potentially expect in a tournament to also be using this same strategy? This is sometimes a huge pot as my hand is disguised.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I actually bought Daniels new book last week and am almost done reading it. This is a pretty good strategy, but i would only use it when i’m high in chips in the middle of the tourney. Or would that be difficult? If there was a single magic bullet then the entire final table of every tourney would be full of people using that.

Small Ball Poker

Although it’s useful to know who’s scared of losing and who isn’t at any table type, the result is definitive in a tournament. The problem with small-ball Small-ball poker can be hugely effective in tournaments, and especially when you are on a table full of players who are not hugely aggressive.

That match at the end was cringeworthy. Small ball poker benefits from players who call you down with mediocre hands because they do not give you credit for holding a strong hand. Also, through my own analysis I’ve found that almost ALL of my own sall, and that of other people who I’ve analysed, comes from big pots in excess of 30bb.

First, you keep the pot much smaller so that you can protect your stack. Small-ball wins the day. All in all I believe that this should just be an extra weapon to use together with all the other strategies which bzll their place depending on opponent, table dynamics, etc.


I’m looking to get into more tournaments at casinos and am trying to learn some of what to expect. January 1st, The Team PokerStars Pro has been credited with perfecting the style of play known as small-ball poker, but what is it?

It appears to be an “adaptation” of the principles of the game based on the fact that the vast majority of players play too “loosely. The long version Almost all things in poker come down to frequencies. I am of the opinion that learning new techniques and strategies only helps your game when it does not distract you from your netreanu. Subscribe to thepokerbank I’ll send you an email if I add something new and interesting to the website. Could this potentially work in a cash game?

Helps me Thanks for posting these. September 11th,5: Gear your game to focus on deceiving your opponents engreanu big-pot mistakes and you’ll improve your win-rate. The chances are that you are going to get a caller and be out of position in a pot with a hand that is probably marginal.