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Note: The statements in this brochure only refer to the TRI-LOCK Bone. Preservation Stem system used with DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction* metal. Acta Biomed. Sep 24;85 Suppl Total hip arthroplasty using TRI- LOCK® DePuy bone preservation femoral stem: our experience. Sperati G(1), Ceri. Abstract. Purpose: in this study we report our 3-years experience (from January to December ) of. total hip arthroplasties using Tri-Lock® DePuy.

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Total hip arthroplasty using TRI-LOCK® DePuy bone preservation femoral stem: our experience.

Additionally, patients may bend their hip and bear full weight sooner after this surgery than other types of hip replacement surgery,” says Dr. Registration is quick and free. Cannulok Plus Revision System Manufacturer: The original Tri-Lock was introduced in as the first proximally coated tapered-wedge hip stem available.

Rockowitz is one of the designing surgeons for the Tri-Lock Bone Preservation Stem and utilizes the direct Anterior Approach to hip replacement. Please sign in to view this content Traditional Hip Replacement Vs.

Total hip arthroplasty using TRI-LOCK® DePuy bone preservation femoral stem: our experience.

If you are a patient, click here. The company designs, manufactures and distributes orthopaedic devices and supplies including hip, knee, extremity, trauma, cement, and operating room products. Eastern Time, Daniel Gannon, M. He completed a fellowship in joint replacement surgery with Dr. Sign up for our FREE service to receive email notifications when clinical trials are posted in the medical category of interest to you. Balance Microplasty Hip Stem Manufacturer: Click to see the preview of your message.


Summit Cementless Hip System Manufacturer: Aida Short Stem hip Manufacturer: About Hip Replacement The demand for hip replacement is growing rapidly. The reduced lateral shoulder, thin geometry and optimized length compared to the original TRI-LOCK Stem minimize the amount of bone removed from the patient. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can determine whether an orthopaedic implant is an appropriate course of treatment.

If you would like to report a potential cybersecurity vulnerability in any of our products, please refer to our Responsible Disclosure Reporting website. Enter your location Please choose location. The primary objective of the trial is to compare the long term stability of these two devices. Mayo Conservative Hip Prosthesis Manufacturer: Similar Devices of Make a Referral Email: This advanced, three-dimensional fixation is designed to enhance initial stability, which may lead to long-term biological fixation.

Jasty M, et al. Symbios Hip System Manufacturer: About DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. We ask that our members register with us so that we can maintain the unbiased and independent nature of our content.


There are potential risks, and recovery takes time. The tapered-wedge design of the TRI-LOCK BPS Stem ensures intimateimplant to bone contact proximally, providing both rotational and axial stability, while increasing the opportunity for biological fixation to bone.

Have you used this device? Best time to call: Registration gives you full access to all of the features of Lick. Which Medical Device is a community of clinicians sharing knowledge and experience of the devices and procedures we use on a daily basis. Javascript Required Your browser must have Javascript enabled in order for our dynamic player to be embedded. With the direct Anterior Approach, surgeons approach the hip joint from the front as opposed to the side or back so they can work between the muscles without detaching them from the hip or thighbones.

What best describes you: Keep up to date Subscribe to our newsletter. A surgical technique brochure can be found here.

You can read our Privacy Policy here. To do this, the study will use an advanced 3D Xray technique to detect migration of the dspuy at 3 years.