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Showfoto logo Showfoto is a stand alone Photo Editor based on digiKam Image Editor. Showfoto is a part of digiKam project. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool. Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam.

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Select the destination from the list or by creating a new album with New Album. After clicking Next again, see a summary. Click on the Map Searches tab on the left side. Select the type of texture you want to apply to your image and determine how prominent this texture should be Relief.

The Album Selection Dialog in digiKam 9. This can become complex, especially if you are attempting to install very new versions of Digikam on older editions of Slackware.

Get an account for an external web hanrbook holding your gallery. This is the perfect task for the Find Duplicate plug-in. Use Tag Filter to filter the amount of images displayed in the main view, using tagging information.

Depending on how many photos you have and how large they are, you might want to let it run over night. To create an HTML export of your image collection, proceed as follows: The Color Balance Tool in Action 3. If the resulting images registers faulty, use the white balance adjustment provided by digiKam. Another click brings you back to the previous view.

Determine the brush size and the degree of smoothing to apply to your image. Click OK to apply your settings and ahndbook the image accordingly.


Proceed similarly with all other albums and images. Aside from organising your photos, the first thing you’re likely to do once you have imported an SD card full of pictures is to figure out which of the group are the really good ones, and especially choose between several very similar shots of the same subject.


The Main Window of digiKam. DatesTimelineand Map views let you see photos by relevant. Downloading Pictures from Camera.

digikam [Slackermedia Handbook]

The thumbnail view also can help manage your photos. If the position of your crop does not follow the compositional rule to your satisfaction, move it. You can choose to start digiKam or any other image viewing or hxndbook application whenever a device of this type is mounted. Some new computers have a card reader on board with different slots, to support all these formats. Digikam uses the first photograph in the album as the preview icon in the My Albums list.

Determine the orientation and aspect ratio to use: If you opted against using any of the preset filters in the Preset tabopen the General and Advanced Settings tabs and adjust the settings to your needs.

Rotate rotates by multiples of 90 degrees.

Blur your image to simulate the image being out of focus or to mimic handbopk kind of movement that was not there when you took the image. For a comprehensive description of the options, refer to http: Every picture containing GPS information will be displayed on the map.

Hot Pixels Detect and erase problem digiiam of your handgook caused by defective pixels of your camera’s sensor. Geolocation Use this tab to search for the location stored in the picture.

The more interesting part is the EXIF tab. Set a selection title and image, font, and background properties. Resize offers a simple interface allowing you to manipulate your image size by pixel or percentage. Using the color balance tool, you can try to shift the balance towards another end of the figikam spectrum.


A Correctly Exposed Photograph 2. Oil Paint Rigikam an oil painting. It lets you save the chosen level settings and thus enables you to apply the same corrections to multiple images, if needed. Select the File, Album, Tags criterion and choose a tag from the tags list. Provides an all-inclusive treatment to images exhibiting various digital defects, such as noise and scratches. To save your camera’s battery power, you can also attach a USB hub to your computer providing an appropriate slot for your storage medium and download the files from there.

The first collection was created on first start with the First-run Wizard dialogue. Downloading Pictures from the Camera Digikam also provides some batch processes that perform a specific task on lots of files. Noise Reduction Remove artifacts, such as those caused by dust on your lens or sensor. The Output Dialog If you need to use the same set of settings more than once for example, if a scratch on the lens ruined an entire series of imagescreate your set of filter settings.

Every source of light registers differently on your digital camera’s chip.

Chapter Managing Your Digital Image Collection with DigiKam

To tag more then one picture at once, use the Ctrl key. It’ll still be there. Once the USB hub is connected to your computer, the KDE media handler dialog opens and offers to download the images from the medium you attached. Proceed with Step 5. Colors Use this tab to access color management-related data and to analyze the histograms associated with your images.

Abstract Managing digital photographs in Linux is very straightforward.