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Read Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle by Delilah Marvelle for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Forever and a Day by Delilah Marvelle. Setting: , Late Regency/ Pre- Victorian. *Book 1 in the Rumor series*. Summary: Roderick Gideon. Booklist Online Book Review: Forever and a le, Delilah (author).Jan. p. HQN, paperback, $ ().

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If he has ready money, why did she s him to a tenement? On February 25, at 9: She’s practical, kind, and doesn’t pout about her circumstances. No, it wasn’t just about the names, it was about the man flip-flopping from one end of character spectrum to the other in a heartbeat. Those Sexy Moments Ms Marvelle delivers some pretty hot sex scenes and enough sexual chemistry to singe the pages of the book For those that have ever read my Gallantry series, I like mmarvelle play with what I call parallel storylines from flip point of views.

He scanned the stretching width of the znd street. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I’m here to help.

Booklist Review

Raymond had found her after her father had gone missing from the docks and her landlord wanted her body to pay the rent. The first with the man who can’t remember, and the second with the man who can.

He begs Georgia to go with him back to England and after she agrees, he changes his mind. The ending was the strangest, most rushed thing I’ve read in a long time.


The side-plot involved the reason for his being in New York City with his father in the first place. I have no idea what happened to this book during the second half, but whatever it was needs to die in a fire.


What I love most loved about the book: When she meets what she knows is a British aristocrat she tries to lose him anc nothing good will come of this relationship. And she gets a little revenge for his stupidity. Marvel,e I finally came of age, my family was further horrified to discover that I had fallen in love with an American.

It made me laugh out loud and cry!

His mrvelle wanted him to be a great scholar and he was allowed to attend Oxford at 14 and got his first degree at So when he asks her to coffee at his hotel, she says no. Did they even like each other enough to endure the long months they have absolutely no interaction with one another?

Reasons to read this book: His solid, male thigh. Jul 28, Shirlene added it. Astor to enlist people to teach Georgia how to stop being such a filthy commoner. I felt cheated out of that part of the book. He tilted her face upward toward him.

Leave a Reply Forsver reply Enter your comment here Also known as Robinson Crusoe after he loses his memory chasing down the ruffian who stole Georgia’s reticule and later known as Roderick Gideon Tremayne, a total Hottie McHottiepantsbreeches. Robinson decides not to see past their class differences, but Georgia saw a way for them to be together. I don’t read these books for the sex well, not JUST the sexbut it struck me as odd that Marvelle didn’t put in a tender, lovers reunited love scene.

Delioah had silver buttons.

For the win, baby! We see how she was married and widowed and she and Robinson forge a passionate relationship. I would marvellle liked more time spent among the thieves of the Five Points, since it’s a setting I’ve never read about except in nonfiction. Yardleys history, a missing uncle, his memory came back I know Fay being all President Grump-Ass right now, but you’d be disappointed too if the first half of a book was compelling and entertaining, only to devolve into a hurried-up plot mess with more loose ends than those ladies in the Bachelor house.


Robinson meets Yardley So now we know who Robinson is. He was surprised to see mourning wreaths at his father’s house. Is this book actually a magic trick? She was instructed on how to be a lady and accepted into London Society. It was a week before the wedding when Margaret snuck over to see Tremayne late one night.

delilahmarvelle | Excerpt Forever and a Day

It would 10 months before they would see each other again and she had things to do to make her place as a wealthy widow in the States so that she would be acceptable to London society. The Epilogue I have to mention how much I love the Epilogue. Marvelle writes a tale so deep with description and detail you never miss a beat except maybe a few of your own madvelle beats as you prepare for the next adventure. The author tries to tell two love stories in one: Still a DNF, though.

The first love scene was crass instead of sexy and I couldn’t believe how fast they are confessing their undying love! Roderick Gideon Tremayne, the recently appointed Duke of Wentworth, never expected to find himself in New York City, tracking down a mysterious map important to his late mother.