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Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary Text Courtesy of Used by. See this online ebook: George Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, edition: A Catholic Bible commentary compiled by the late Rev. The Haydock Bible is a larger-print (12 point) format Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible with a comprehensive Catholic commentary, illustrated Catholic Bible.

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A good Lent to you and yours.

This was despite a petition by Haydock’s Whitby parishioners to Smith expressing “regret to hear your Lordship’s intention is to remove from us our most worthy and most beloved Pastor The Rev’d Geo Leo Haydock. George Leo Haydock as abridged by the Very Rev. Facebook Print Reddit Email Twitter. But I agree its possible defunct status is sad. Still we have no tithes or surplice fees, which, in the Establishment [Anglican Church], are found so exorbitant.

Bible with Catholic News and Saint a day, daily commentady app for Catholics. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. It includes his family motto: It remains in print and is still regarded for its apologetic value.

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary On The Old Testament by Rev. George Leo Haydock

But they probably wish to keep the ignorant under the stupid delusion of supposing that Catholics are idolaters, because they have images Although he was not destined to remain in Ugthorpe for the rest of his days, he would nonetheless complete his most memorable achievement while serving there.


However, Catholics used it effectively in their coommentary. I cannot believe it is gone. Although George Leo was the youngest son, he and his older sister Elizabeth appear to have been entrusted with handling the family finances. Immediately upon his reinstatement inHaydock was given a new assignment at Penrith, Cumbria then known as Cumberlandanother poor mission with discouraging prospects.

Updated 16 February to include additional links. For example, in the note to Genesis 1: The inspired Hebrew and Greek text of the Holy Scriptures is itself uttered by God in all of its parts. While attending a school established for Catholic students at Mowbreck Hall, WeshamGeorge received Confirmationtaking the name Leo, after the fifth-century saint, Pope Leo I gaydock, whose liturgical feast was at that time celebrated on Haydock’s birthday see General Roman Calendar as in Bible – Catholic Study.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or commengary linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

Online ebook: Haydock’s Catholic Bible and Commentary, 1859 edition

haydok Views Read Edit View history. For example, in his note to Exodus The Haydock name became so popular and so closely associated with English Catholic Bibles in the 19th century that at least one publisher ca.

Given the generosity Haydock had shown in providing financial support from his own funds to his assigned missions, as well as the history of generous donations by his family, he felt ill-used by these actions.

However, that nature did not extend to patience with those trying to take financial advantage of him. He also delves deeply hagdock speculation about the Bible’s mysteries.


A photograph taken shortly before its demolition shows it to be a two story brick house with pitched roof and two chimneys. Also, I hope that the original Tripod can be restored — especially if it is yours.

February 13, at Smith died in and was succeeded by the sterner disciplinarian Penswick, who immediately interdicted Haydock from saying Mass. Commentaries on the books of Scripture are available in individual epub files at Internet Archive The text of the Scriptures with an abridged commentary is available here: However, I found that the number and length of the annotations is too great to become a modern work printable on Print-on-Demand Equipment.

While at Whitby he also continued his practice of acquiring investment properties see diagram at right.

Bible Commentaries

You are so welcome. Haydock remained there for eight years, “devoting himself to study, with his books all around him, lining the walls, and piled in heaps on the floors. While these events were unfolding, English Catholics finally won passage of the Catholic Emancipation Act of You are commenting using your Facebook account.

His edition of the Douay Bible with extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic.