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Makalah Terapi Modalitas Lansia. terapi modal. Makalah Terapi Yoga. zxcvbn. MAKALAH TERAPI KOMPLEMENTER · Makalah Pengukuran Outcome Terapi. MAKALAH PEMANFAATAN LIDAH BUAYA SEBAGAI TERAPI KOMPLEMENTERFull description Author: Dinda Rizki Pradiptasiwi. MAKALAH TERAPI KOMPLEMENTER COFFEE ENEMA. Terapi komplementer adalah terapi dalam ruang lingkup luas meliputi sistem kesehatan, modalitas.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Efficacy of acupuncture on treating obesity and adipose-incurred illnesses. Being overweight and kkmplementer impacts health due to adiposity itself and illnesses it incurs, which produces individual and societal financial burdens. This urges effective interventions, including adjunct therapies. Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical practice, indicates positive signs for tackling these problems. Investigating empirical human-based projects, this narrative review analyses their outcomes and then provides an overview of the effects of acupuncture in body weight reduction and obesity-induced diseases, either performed alone or with other approaches.

It also reveals practical implications and future research directions, benefiting the development of acupuncture in the modern medical arena for both patients and practitioners.

The traditional Chinese Baduanjin exercise for the enhancements in health of older adults: Health debilitation negatively impacts the physical and psychiatric states of ageing persons, consequently increasing individualfamilial, and social burdens. Physical exercise is an effective measure to cope with this problem, and Physical exercise is an effective measure to cope with this problem, and Baduanjin, a traditional Chinese exercise, is one of the choices.

This narrative review analyses 58 clinical studies, which indicate the efficacy of Baduanjin for the health of old adults, including in physiological refinement, bone diseases, cardiovascular and cardio-pulmonary illnesses, metabolic disorders, digestive sicknesses, cognitive impairment, and mental disorders. The results not only reveal the rehabilitative and preventive functions of Baduanjin, but also suggest health promotion through this physical activity for the ageing population.

Makalah Terapi Keluarga

It also proposes improvements in methodological design and practical implications for the well being of seniors and successful ageing. Acupuncture as a potential approach to improving the health of komplementerr with obesity. In addition to higher risks of various obstetric and gynaecological illnesses among women with obesity or who are overweight, maternal adiposity threatens the lifetime health of their offspring.


Diverse treatments are provided, including Diverse treatments are provided, including complementary and alternative medicine such as Chinese medical practices. Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicinal method, is increasingly being applied to this health problem. This literature review analyses 25 clinical studies, involving participants aged in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

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This illustrates the use of acupuncture alone or with other approaches to control body weight, obesity-induced diseases, and gynaecological health. Although positive indicators are presented, this kojplementer offers recommendations for enhancing reliability and validity in further research. It therefore suggests the use of acupuncture in dealing with obesity due to its efficacy, and economic and safety benefits.

How can acupuncture be used in treating dementia? Dementia erodes the quality of life of patients and their caregivers, and the growing dementia population threatens public finance in the health and social services. In addition to kkomplementer medical treatments, complementary In addition to formal medical treatments, complementary and alternative medicine is applicable to dementia, in which acupuncture has become an option for prevention, remedy, and rehabilitation.

Makalah Terapi Healing Touch

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical method that uses needle penetration at acupoints specific points throughout the body which will be stimulated for therapeutic achievementsresulting in alleviating dementia symptoms; for example, enhancements in cognition, memory, language, behaviour, emotion, and self-care. This narrative review analyses 44 clinical human-based studies conductedpertaining to participants who were years old in Austria, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the USA.

This review offers an overview of various methods of acupuncture using acupuncture alone or combined with other therapiesand how they can be conducive to people inflicted by dementia. This study also reveals future research directions to develop acupuncture, which offers a novel approach to health care practitioners and patients. In recent years viral respiratory tract infections, especially influenza viruses, have had a major impact on communities worldwide as a result of unavailability of effective treatment or vaccine.

The frequent alterations in the antigenic The frequent alterations in the antigenic structures of respiratory viruses, particularly for RNA viruses, pose difficulties in production of effective vaccines.

The unavailability of optimal medication and shortage of effective vaccines suggests the requirement for alternative natural therapies. Several herbal remedies were used for prevention and treatment viral respiratory illnesses. Among those that were found effective included maoto, licorice roots, antiwei, North American ginseng, berries, Echinacea, plants extracted carnosic acid, pomegranate, guava tea, and Bai Shao. There is scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of several complementary therapies for colds.


Oral zinc may reduce the length and severity of a cold. Taking vitamin Komplemrnter supplements on a regular basis only slight Taking vitamin C supplements on a regular teerapi only slightly reduces the length and severity of colds. Probiotics were found komplemente than placebo in reducing the number episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infections, the rate of episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infection and reducing antibiotic use.

Alkaline diets or drinks might have antiviral properties as in vitro studies demonstrated inactivation effect of alkaline medium on respiratory virus.

Earthing might have a natural anti-inflammatory effect for human body. It is now accepted that an overwhelming inflammatory response is the cause of human deaths from avian H5N1 influenza infection. Earthing accelerates immune response following vaccination, as demonstrated by increases of gamma globulin concentration.

No in vivo or clinical studies were found that investigate the role of alkalization or earthing on respiratory viral infections. Thus, future studies are recommended to reveal any potential curative effects.

Castalagin from Anogeissus acuminata Roxb. Perr, a potent Hypoglycaemic Agent. The antihyperglycemic activity of a pure compound from Jomplementer acuminata Roxb.

DC Guill and Perr. The compound Castalagin was tested for its hypoglycaemic activity by The compound Castalagin was tested for its hypoglycaemic activity by monitoring the fasting blood glucose on alloxan induced diabetic mice. This observation opens a new role for castalagin as a potent hypoglycemic agent in the treatment and management of diabetes mellitus. Ads help cover our server costs.

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